Tuesday, December 3, 2013

KKM's 25 Days of RAOKs: Day #3

kkm holiday RAOK

Today's RAOK is for a local Operation Christmas Angel project. A local business has "adopted" two families for Christmas and I volunteered to offer some household and personal items as well as food and little toys and such from our stockpile. It is such a blessing to be able to pull these items to offer to families who are not as fortunate as ours. It was also a good lessons for the girls. When we were boxing the items, my niece begged me not to put the spaghetti in. She wanted to put it back in the kitchen so we would have it. When I explained that we had 9 boxes in addition to those we were donating, she thought a minute and then agreed so that the kids that were not as fortunate as her could have yummy food too.  I absolutely love these RAOKs that provoke such caring thoughts in my family.

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