Wednesday, December 11, 2013

KKM: 25 Days of RAOKs Day #6

kkm holiday RAOK

I feel really bad, and had a feeling I would fall behind on posting these, but I am going to try to get them caught up today and keep them caught up. So below is day #6's RAOK. I left a dollar and a quarter (the cost of a soda in our machines at work) taped to the soda machine. I am not sure a lot of the girls in the housekeepng department know who KKM is (I know the front desk staff does cause I talk about my blog often and they see me on my laptop LOL), but I hope that whoever finds it, be it a guest or someone in housekeeping gets a smile on their face as they enjoy their soda. Again, not a big RAOK, but hoping it will brighten someone's day.


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