Monday, December 2, 2013

KKM's 25 Days of RAOKs: Day #2

    kkm holiday RAOK

I confess, I have not really planned out this RAOK thing all the way. I am just kinda flying by the seat of my pants on some of it. I am only 2 days in and had no idea what I was going to do. Then I had to drop by Food Lion for some things I needed for dinner (yes, even the coupon mom does not have everything stocked at all times LOL) and inspiration hit. At the ends of the registers are boxes that go to local food banks. It was 4 pm and I knew I had not done my RAOK for today. So I grabbed one up and added it in. The cashier (a sweet young man) actually thanked me for purchasing a box. It was very sweet. And to know that it will go back into our community warms my heart as well. You can learn more about Feeding America here. (Feeding America is the organization that put the boxes together for our Food Lion).


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