Saturday, December 14, 2013

DG: $5/$25~ 12.14.13~ Today!!!

This is today!!

We could not be more excited that our sources were wrong. There will be a $5/$25 this weekend at Dollar General stores and the coupon is now available on the Dollar General website. Super excited about this coupon, as I did not make it out to do it last week, but I will definitely be doing it this week.

Not sure how the $5/$25 works or need some match-up scenario ideas? Check out what my friends have going on the Dollar General forum at We Use Coupons.

This is the scenario I plan on doing:

4 Wisk @$3.50 each= $14
3 Energizer @$3.75 = $11.25

Total: $25.50


$5/$25 DG
(3) $1 Energizer = $3
(2) $5/2 Wisk = $10

Total OOP: $7.50 plus tax, submit for either $8 Gas Card Rebate or $4 Bunny Birthday Rebate (depending on which packages I can find in store this time) either $.50 MM or only $3.50 OOP after rebates, dependant on which I can do. If it is only the packages with the Bunny Birthday, I will probably throw in another pack of batteries, making my oop $10, with 2 rebates of $4 (total of $8 obviously), so that it would only be $2 oop after rebates with one more pack of batteries instead. Hope that makes sense LOL. Not a huge transaction, but I am super excited about that Wisk.

What do you have in mind?

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