Monday, November 11, 2013

Ways to Give Thanks

Every Moment Counts: Join us in celebrating the events that shape and strengthen the bonds of our troops and their families.

So an article in our local USA Weekend prompted me to share ways we can show our thanks for all our service men and women have done and continue to do for our country. Below are some of the suggestions found in the article.

* Take a moment to thank our troops: visit to honor our military men and women and learn abut the challenges for military families.

* Give a moment: you can visit to learn how to give precious moments to service men and women.

* Share a moment: if you have a member of your family who has served our country, either past or present, visit Facebook or Twitter and post their pic along with #USOmoments to share your precious lovved ones.

* Create a moment: carve a few minutes out of your daily routine to visit with a vet, babysit for a military mom, any way you can think up to create a moment that will positively impact a military family.

* Volunteer a moment: the USO is dependant in large part on its volunteers. You can visit to learn how you can share your time.

* Host a fundraiser: you can host your own USO Dance for the Troops event in your community. Check out the details at

However you choose to honor our military men and women today, please just be sure to take a moment to do so.

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