Saturday, November 9, 2013

Minion Cupcakes


So I just happened to have a birthday girl in the household yesterday, and she just happens to be a huge Despicable Me fan, especially those minions. And while she requested one for her birthday, I could not get my hands on the real thing, so I improvised. I made minion cupcakes to take to school for her and her friends to share. They were fairly simple to make and turned out pretty cute I think. And I can honestly say they were a huge hit with the kids.

I had seen a pic of cupcakes someone had done like this before, but I didn't follow any particular recipe for these (again, they truly are simple so not sure you really need on). I will share how I made mine, just in case you want some pointers (or not what to do LOL).

I started with a box of yellow cake mix and made 24 cupcakes. I chose yellow so I could stay true to the minions body color. I let the cupcakes cool overnight. The following morning after I had sent my sweet daughter off to school, I iced the cupcakes and started on the minions. You will need 12 Twinkies for 24 cupcakes. I just neatly cut the Twinkies in half and used cookie icing to attach the Smarties (I had to pick out all the white ones) eyes to the Twinkies. I then used black decorating icing around the Smarties for their "goggles". My mistake was I should have done these the night before as well, or at least given them a bit longer, as shortly after the pictures were taken one of their eyes started to run off its face. But after I had given them some time to set up, I simply attached one minion Twinkie half to each iced cupcake. And there ya have it, minion cupcakes.


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