Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wal Mart Halloween Items 75% off

I am definitely one who hits the clearance racks, especially after a holiday. I do this with two objectives in mind; one to stock up on non-perishable items for the same holiday the next year at a fraction of the price and two because there are several items each holiday that can be used for other times besides just the designated holiday.


Check out the Halloween cookie cutters above that I snagged for just $.36 after the discount. I grabbed two packs because obviously I can use one to make cookies, but the other my preschool kids can use for patterns in drawing, painting, you name it. And there is even a skull with crossbones that as soon as I saw I thought would make the perfect cookies for a Monster High fan's birthday.


I also grabbed a couple of cans of spray in, wash out hair color. With a teenager in the house who is all about school spirit, the colors above will come in mighty hand anytime of the year that she needs to dress the part. I noticed that regular price on these last year was $2.17, but this year they had gone up to $2.24 regular price. If we follow along that pattern, by next year these will be $2.31. I paid just $.56 for each can and they do keep really well from year to year as long as they are stored away from extreme heat or cold. We still have some that I purchased last year that is working just fine (said teenager just had a pink bottle out a couple of weeks ago for breast cancer support), but again had to restock cause there are some colors we just go through faster. :)

I highly recommend if you have the time to swing by your local Wal Mart to see what goodies you can find for next year or even year round use. If you find anything great, let us know! :)

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