Monday, November 25, 2013

Mail Call Monday 11.25.13


Lots of goodies in the mail this week! We got:

* Free samples from Enfamil. You can register on their site here to get samples sent to your home as well.

* Our Pear Tree mailing labels also came this week. They are absolutley beautiful and will make getting our Christmas cards out even more enjoyable. Although the promotion has ended where we snagged these goodies, check with us often as we will reveal other deals like this as soon as we hear about them. You can check out all the goodies Pear Tree has available by checking out their website here.

* Our free samples of Maybelline Fit Me also arrived from Target this week. That freebie is no longer available, but you can see what others they may have available at Target by clicking here.

* We also received our free Noodle Reunion coupon from Kraft. This was a facebook promo Kraft was doing that we were lucky enough to snag.

*Remember my post a few weeks ago about redeeming all those reward points from your hotel stays for gift cards for the holidays. Well, my Bath & Body Works gift cards I redeemed my points for arrived in the mail this week. So excited they may it in time for all the Black Friday fun.

* Also received our free sample of Airborne along with a coupon. This was another Target freebie.

* Scotch had a facebook promo a couple of weeks ago where we were able to score a free sample of their sticky/ adhesive tabs. We received these this week, as well as coupons for future Scotch purchases.

* The final thing in our weekly mail call was our Nectresse sample. This was also a Target freebie.

What great things did you get in your mailbox this week? Let us know!

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