Wednesday, January 8, 2014

My DG Trip 01.06.14: Finally!


So I was loving DG the other day, as I got to stock up on some necessary items at quite a deal. These items were all a part of the $5/$20 promotion they are running this week. I posted about that earlier today, so if you need more info it's here on the blog. Anyway, on to the trip:

Transaction #1 & 2 (I had to split into 2 transactions due to the limit of 2 identical coupons per shopping trip on the Unilever Qs, but the transactions are identical):

4 all detergent @ $3.50 each = $14
4 ragu sauce @ $1.50 each = $6
4 Knorr pastas @ $1 each = $4

Total = $24. . . I could have just done the all and the ragu and come out an even $20 plus tax, but I did not have enough Qs to do another 2 transactions with the Knorr and when I did the break down with the Knorr my items ended up being $.75 each, versus $.81 each if I had just done the detergent and sauce

$5 DG promo
$6 all detergent~ (2) $3/2 all
$2.50 ragu~ (2) $1.25/2 ragu
$2 Knorr~ (2) $1/2 Knorr

Total OOP: $9.00 plus $.30 tax

With the two transactions, my OOP was $18.60 for 24 items, a cost of $.78 on each item if you factor in the tax. I am happy with that for sure. What have you gotten with this promo?

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