Friday, January 10, 2014

Birthday Freebies and Deals!

The best birthdays start with coffee...and cake

So this is my birthday month (No, I will not confess my true age lol). Since I am a January baby, I am getting offers in my inbox from companies this month for great deals and freebies to celebrate. I am gonna share those with you as they come in so you can see what goodies I am able to snag. At the end of the month my hope is to compile the list I have created with these posts over the month to gieve you a better idea of what you can snag when your birthday rolls around. Now remember, my list will not be all encompassing of all offers out there for your birthday, just the ones I have received. But hopefully that will give you a great headstart on getting some of your own great birthday freebies.

This morning I got a great email from International Delight offering me a $1 coupon. Now if you know me, you know I love coffee and ID is one of my favorite brands. This coupon is good on any item and I am really looking forward to using it to get a great deal on some coffee creamer since I am, gasp, currently out.

You can sign up with International Delight here to be ready to get your great coupons on your birthday too.

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