Sunday, September 8, 2013

Locker Decorations

Ok, so I know locker decoration prices at retail stores are enough to scare the pants off of me. So I was determined to give my daughter some cute decorations without breaking the bank. That is where our supply of craft items came into play. We looked through all those craft supplies to find things to make great decorations without even having to leave our house. The best part is that we got to spend the time together to make them (just don't tell my teenager that, she may rethink the next project LOL).

The first thing we did was to make a couple of magnets to hold notes in her locker. We just used regular buttons for these, adorned with some plastic flowers we found floating around in the craft box, as well as some ribbon on top for cute bows, and magnets on the back to keep them in the locker.

locker #1.jpg           locker #2.jpg

locker #3.jpg        locker #4.jpg

Our second part of the locker decoration project was to do a picture ribbon. She wanted pictures in her locker, but wanted something a little different than just the laminated pics with magnets on the back. Enter the ribbon box to the rescue. We just selected a length of ribbon, laminated the pics she wanted, hot glued them to the ribbon and placed magnets at each of that ribbon length. We did add a pink bow to the top of the ribbon to give it a little something extra (the top magnet is actually attached to that bow). We also made a smaller one picture ribbon to highlight one of the few pictures we have of my girls together.

                             locker #6.jpg

The last item we made for her locker was a magnetic name plate. We simply found a pattern she liked online, printed it to cardstock and added her name. We placed ribbon around the name and the border of the name plate and laminated the entire piece. We then placed a magnet at the top and bottom of the laminated name plate and it was locker ready.

                       locker #7.jpg

Below is a picture of our finished locker projects. She was happy with them, and I thought they turned out great and loved that they did not cost us anything. I do believe her friends have even given her compliments on her locker.

       locker #5.jpg

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