Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School

Michaela first day  school 2.jpg

So it is back to school time in our household. This has been a big one, because for the second half of last year we homeschooled, and were unsure until the last minute whether we would continue that this year or not. Well, we decided to let our daughter go back to public school, reserving the right to switch to homeschooling again if we encountered any issues again this year. I am hoping this year goes smoothly for her and she can continue in the public school, as she is enrolled in a class to begin earning her high school credits early. If not, we will make the switch and things will be okay.

Anyway, I am wandering a bit. I always take a picture on the first day of school. As my daughter began her first day of the her last year of middle school, I felt compelled to put this little collage together to show how quickly they change and time really passes. Take the time to enjoy every part of your child's life, because all too quickly they are grown and will be in their own homes with familis of their own. Thankfully I still have some time left with this beautiful young lady before that happens, and I fully intend to take advantage of it.

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