Monday, August 12, 2013

Mail Call Monday

                            mail call monday 08.12.13.jpg

What goodies did you receive in your mailbox in the past week? It is always so nice to receive something other than bills, especially when it is free.

 Let's see, this week we got several goodies:

* Remember that Junie B Jones freebie we told you about back in May? Well we got ours. It included a book and newsletter. Although the physical starter kits for the Junie B Jones club is no longer available, you can still visit their site here to sign up and receive the reading log and activities online.

*We finally also recived the first book from Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. My niece was so excited to see this and to get mail with her own name on it. You can learn more about this great program by visiting Imagination Library's home page.

*And our finally freebie we received super quickly. We just posted about this one last week and requested our copy on the same day we posted. It is the National Firearms Safety McGruff gun safety video. We are truly excited to have this and to teach our children about firearm responsibility.

It's your turn. Tell us about all the great freebie you received in your mailbox! :)

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