Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Clearance Finds At Family Dollar


Ok, so while I had some extra time on my hands yesterday (I know, I was thinking it too, how did I get free time LOL), I decided to wander around my local FD. I was surprised to see so many clearance tags up, so I kept a running list of what there was, thinking that we may find some great deals, with or without Qs.

Here is what I found:

*Swiffer Sweeper Cloths Lavendar Vanilla 32 ct: $6

*Gravy Train T-Bone Treat 8 oz: $1.48

*Glade Premium Room Spray: $2.28
$.55 glade premuim room spray exp. 05.05.12 (SS 03.25.12)

*Glade Oil Refill 2 pk: $4
*Glade Oil Refill single: $2.40
$1 glade scented oil refill (

*Airwick Room Spray: $.80

*Airwick Warmer: $2

*Tilex Bathroom Cleaner: $2.40

*Easy Off Oven: $3.60
$.50 easy off cleaner exp. 05.18.12 (SS 03.18.12)

*Mr. Clean Kitchen Eraser w/ Dawn: $2.40
$.50 mr. clean product exp. 03.31.12 (P&G 03.04.12)

*Colgate Whitening 2 pk.: $3.20
$1 colgate toothpaste exp. 04.14.12 (SS 03.25.12~ some regions just got $.75 Q)

*Colgate Max Toothbrush: $2.40
$1/2 colgate toothbrush exp. 04.14.12 (SS 03.25.12 again regional others got $.40/1 colgate toothbrush Q)

*Oral B Advanced Twin Pack Toothbrush: $3.80

*Oral B Indicator Twin Pack: $2.40

*Reach Fresh Clean Toothbrush: $1.60
$1 reach toothbrush exp. 05.31.12 (SS 03.04.12)

*Colgate Pro Relief Sensitive: $2.80
$1 colgate pro relief exp. 03.31.12 (SS 03.11.12)

*Lady Speed Stick 1.4 oz: $1.40
(the Q that just came out in this weeks paper is for larger sizes)
*Lady Speed Stick 2.3 oz: $1.80
*Lady Speed Stick Gel 2.3 oz.: $2.40
*Speed Stick 3.25 oz.: $2.20
$1 speed stick product exp. 04.14.12 (SS 03.25.12)

*Covergirl Line Exact: $3.60
*Covergirl Queen Toe Separators:$.80
*Covergirl Queen Nail Brush:$1.20
$1 covergirl product exp. 03.31.12 (P&G 03.04.12)

Whew, never thought I would finish that . If anyone has anything to add, please share. Hope this may help someone out .

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