Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Planning a Sweet Sixteen on a Budget

Ok, so our oldest daughter will be turning 16 in the fall of 2015. Yes, I know it is crazy, but not dwelling on that, it means this momma has some planning to do. And we all know that I do not like to pay retail for anything, birthday parties not excluded. The actually planning notebook for this party was started probably about 6 months before the child's 15th birthday this November, but I like to have plenty of time to plan something of this magnitude (yes, I will need 3 years if she needs me to help plan her wedding, heaven help us all LOL).

So our first step was to decide what theme she wanted. I wanted her to be sure that it was something that she would still be happy with in a year and a half, and it seems like she found it. She will be having a Parisian sweet sixteen. Her colors are pink (both hot pink and pale pink will come into play), black and white.

There are so many resources online for this sort of thing, and I will be sharing those as we go on this journey. The first I found really helpful was the checklist I found at 1516Forever. This is twelve month checklist that we are following, but do not panic if you are starting later in the game. Just Google "sweet sixteen checklist" and you will find results that will help you plan a great party in as little as 3 months. Although we have this checklist, we will probably jump around a bit on getting things checked off as well since we are looking for the best deals to make this party the best we can with the least financial commitment possible.

Looking forward to sharing this crazy adventure with everyone. Wish us luck!

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