Thursday, October 24, 2013

Receipthog App

                              Cover art

Who else has quite a few receipts from grocery and drugstores rolling around the bottom of their purse or stuffed in their wallet? Are you like me and feel like you stop by the store at least every other day because your forgot just that one thing the last time? Why not earn some extra cash off of all those receipts? It is quick and simple and I am absolutely hooked. Receipthog gives you "coins" for each receipt you upload a picture of to the app and those coins add up into great rewards. You can also earn spins on the receipthog wheel to try for additional coins, and once you upload receipts for five weeks straight, you will go "hog wild" and starting earning at an even higher rate. For just 1000 coins you can earn either a $5 paypal or amazon credit. It is so simple, just snap the picture and let the app do the rest. Sound interesting? Check out Receipthog today.

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