Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Orajel Rebate

So I have a teenager who is either getting some molars or wisdom teeth, not sure which yet (I will let the dentist figure that one out LOL), but I was in search of something the other night to help give he some relief. We have not used this since the kids were babies, and then it was the teething gel for little ones, but saw this and thought great something we need anyway with a great rebate attached. This box was priced at $5.48, but has a $4 rebate form inside the box, so it is like I just paid $1.48 to have this on hand. Be sure to look for the boxes that have that yellow tag in the corner for the rebate form inside the box. This rebate has a long life, not needing to be postmarked until early 2015, just don't forget to send it in if you snag a box now.

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